(aka Collect-a-thon)

Many thanks to the team of volunteers who helped out at our annual Reverse Garage Sale in 2020. Together we saved a tonne (literally) of items from landfill, and many high-quality items have gone on to find new homes.

This year’s is planned for Sunday 21st November 2021, COVID restrictions permitting.

So it’s time to start your decluttering for this year! … and save things from landfill.

Here is the list of items we are collecting which can be repurposed or recycled:

  • Batteries
  • Bicycles in reasonable condition (i.e. not much rust!) – adult, BMX and children’s bikes 24″ or larger
  • Children’s books – good quality books suitable fo 2-14 year olds, both fiction and non-fiction (including (including dictionaries and atlases published after 2000)
  • Clothing in good condition, especially men’s, sleepwear,  shoes & socks (clean/near new), backpacks
  • Other clothing, handbags, shoes
  • Computers & IT equipment, power supplies & cables, printers, laptops, LCD screens, keyboards, switches, tablets…
  • VCR, DVD & CD players, stereos, ipods
  • DVDs, CDs, VHS, cassette tapes & cases, floppy disks, printer cartridges, toner bottles
  • Digital cameras, video cameras
  • Fabric (pieces A4 or larger) & wool
  • Glasses (for distance & reading)
  • Hearing aids
  • Kitchen equipment in working order – mixers, electric frypans & microwaves 
  • Light globes – incandescent, compact fluorescent, downlight & fluorescent tubes
  • Mobile phones, batteries, chargers & accessories as well as home phones, especially rotary dial 
  • Musical instruments (keyboards, guitars, violins, percussion, recorders, drums, etc) & music stands
  • Pots and pans – solid (copper-bottom) only please
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Sound systems – stereo systems, amplifiers and speakers
  • Sports equipment in good condition – cricket, tennis (racquets and balls), soccer, rugby, volleyball, badminton. NOT golf or AFL
  • Sports shoes in good condition
  • Toiletries or essentials (unopened) that anyone in need may require
  • Towels, blankets, flat sheets, pillowcases, pet accessories [NOT pillows or cushions]
  • TV sets (not CRT)
  • Typewriters
  • Used stamps (from envelopes)
  • Vacuum cleaners (bagless)
  • X-rays

We’ll arrange for these items to be reused, repurposed or recycled! Find out how for these items and more.

Select the following link to download a list of the above items.