About Us

What we are

The Jewish Ecological Coalition, JECO, is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in Melbourne, Australia in July 2003.

Why we formed

JECO was set up to emphasise and deepen the Jewish commitment to sustainability and to raise awareness within and beyond the Jewish community about Judaism’s strong environmental message.

What we aim to do

  • To educate and encourage individuals to “tread softly on the face of the earth”; i.e. to minimise their environmental footprint.
  • To work with individuals and organisations to prevent and repair environmental damage.
  • To build bridges between the Jewish and wider community by working together for sustainability.

We are not affiliated with or promote or endorse any political party.

How we achieve our aims

  • Email our regular newsletter keeping you informed on the latest events and activities
  • Gather and disseminate current information and philosophies on the environment
  • Provide topical events including film showings and presentations with expert guest speakers
  • Promote sustainability by participating in events including In One Voice, Limmud Oz, Mitzvah Day, and Clean Up Australia Day
  • Support and encourage environmentally-focused activities, including those linked to Jewish festivals such as Tu Bishvat.

Why we need you

JECO needs people who can help by joining us to initiate new projects especially in the areas of youth, publicity, graphic communication and the media. Contact us at JECO.