Jewish values and organising more environmentally friendly events

JECO made its presence felt at Limmud Oz this year in a few ways. Firstly we provided the organisers with a suggested strategy for making Limmud more environmentally friendly, a strategy that we would encourage all organisations to take on board when running events:

  1. Any printing, photocopying etc to be done using recycled paper.
  2. Encourage all speakers and participants to bring their own refillable water bottles.
  3. Encourage people to bring ‘keep cups’ to use for tea/coffee and/or other drinks.
  4. Ask caterers to provide a discount for people who bring their keep cups for use when purchasing coffee.
  5. Caterers to be asked to have no plastic or polystyrene – cups, plates, cutlery or food wraps. (There are ample alternatives that are low-cost both financially and environmentally. JECO is happy to work with caterers to source these if necessary.)

JECO also organised a panel discussion on the topic, ‘What is the most important Jewish value to pass on to the next generation?’. This session, with panelists Shamir Caplan, Kathy Kaplan, Gary Samowitz and Deborah Stone, was very well received by the 70 or so people in the audience. If you missed it, or would like to hear it again, you can watch a youtube of the session at our new JECO ‘channel’ at